Here’s To a Rich Food Thanksgiving!

Don’t be a turkey this Thanksgiving! Let’s talk about our Rich Food picks (and favorite recipes) for Thanksgiving. Starting with the Turkey… Before you purchase that frozen conventional turkey this year, we want you to consider a couple of important points on why we recommend avoiding them! We suggest opting…

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This year Thanksgiving seems more important to us than in years past.

Maybe it is because we have been so busy writing our new book or perhaps it is all the travel that has kept us away from our families more than we would like. We don’t know for sure, but for some reason, this year we really feel we need to…

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How To Beat Holiday Stress and Fatigue – and get some goodies!

Are you feeling stressed and spent from the holiday season? You’re not alone! Studies show that up to 56% of women have trouble sleeping during the holiday season. This week, we’re bringing you a little tip to help you survive holiday stress and fatigue this year. First things first, you…

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Protect Your Assets with Riparo

The technologies we use today, from our everyday appliances, cell phones, even our cars, emit electromagnetic radiation & EM radiation. This is an important topic that everyone should become educated on… This EM radiation can penetrate and affect us, seriously compromising our health and disturbing our environments!  For years, scientists…

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Coca-Cola Gives You Anything BUT Life!

Have you heard? Coca-Cola recently launched a new product, Coca-Cola Life. However, this new product only breathes life into Coca-Cola’s dying brand, it’s not any better for your health or your life! Here’s why… Let’s take a look at the ingredients, and how it compares to traditional Coke… Overall, we…

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A Protein-Filled Breakfast Puts You in Power!

Why do we blindly purchase toxic plastic goods for our loved ones? Why do we celebrate the holidays with stampedes at the big box stores? The whole thing is a symptom of what we’ve become and we’ve had enough. It’s time to make better decisions about what we consume. In…

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Are We Living in a Toxic Soup?

Our body comes into contact with numerous toxic chemicals everyday. Some you ingest, some you clean your home with and others you slather on to beautify and protect your skin. However, you may never have thought that these chemicals affect your micronutrient levels. Could your choice of rice, seafood and poultry,…

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Where is The Choline?

We here at Calton Nutrition are passionate about many things, however micronutrient sufficiency, optimal living, and proper supplementation are very important to us! We were recently taking a look at some new research published about the micronutrient, choline, and decided it was a must share. You may have never even heard about this…

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