Make No Bones About It – Bone Broth Is The Original Souperfood!

Wondering what to do with the bones from the high-quality protein you just enjoyed for dinner? Don’t toss them in the trash. There is life in those old bones yet. The broth you make from old, too often discarded bones can create a health tonic with numerous benefits. Not only…

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This month I got personal…how I reversed my osteoporosis

This month in BeMore! Magazine the main message is “Life isn’t a spectator sport.” I’m proud to be share my story with you in this month’s BeMore! magazine again with some of the greatest minds in the Health & Wellness space. Also, don’t forget to watch our segment on a Healthy You with…

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The Art of Fermentation: Why You Should Be Eating Fermented Foods!

This week we are going IN-Depth with Summer Bock! We’re talking about the art of fermentation, cleansing and gut health. Summer has guided thousands of people to ideal health, and she’s answering our questions. Watch the video to hear: Summer’s story and what set her on her current path How…

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How To Build a Better Breakfast!

We’ve all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and recent studies have now solidified that motto. According to scientists from the University of Missouri, breakfast-skippers tend to weigh more and have other unhealthy habits. But you may be surprised that it wasn’t the act of…

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I Received My Nutreince Samples In The Mail. Do You Have Any Serving Suggestions?

You asked, we answered. If you’re wondering how to mix your new nutreince we’re here to help! Lots of you are excited to be trying the new nutreince flavors, and we’ve gotten some questions about the new sample box, and how to mix them. You should know, the only flavors…

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Less is More

It’s true….Less really is MORE!

Our great friend Ari Meisel from wants to show our Calton Nutrition family how to become free from stress and more effective at everything! In 2006, Ari was diagnosed with Chron’s disease, an incurable inflammatory disease of the digestive tract. Through a combination of yoga, nutrition, natural supplements and rigorous exercise he was able…

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InDEPTH 0001: Shojai

Watch the Movie “Vitality” FREE for a limited time.

Pedram Shojai has had quite the life.  He has traveled around the world (like us), and now, also like us, he has decided to dedicate himself to changing the current status of global health. In this episode of IN-DEPTH, we get personal with this man who wears many hats. This…

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5 reasons deficient

5 Reasons You May Be Deficient in Your Vitamins and Minerals!

Micronutrient Deficiency—sounds scary, doesn’t it!  Well, if you are not currently taking steps to avoid it, then maybe you should be a little frightened.  That’s because any time your body isn’t getting enough of the essential micronutrients, (vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids) it can’t perform optimally.  Maybe at first…

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