Sensational summer salads #caltonnutrition

Sensational Summer Salads!

Summer is right around the corner, and that means that great local greens and enticing seasonal vegetables are hitting the farmers markets. It is time to celebrate this bounty with some sensational, vitamin and mineral-packed salads! But wait — first things first, we want to make sure we don’t ruin them by coating…

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The Complete Wellness Bundle – 97% off!

Are you looking to revamp your lifestyle this summer? This is the perfect season to take some time to orient your life toward healthier living. Wellness Media has put together a one-stop shop full of resources for helping you to kick start new, good habits. Check out The Complete Wellness…

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grand velas

A Review of Grand Velas, Riviera Maya (and their ceviche recipe!)

If you are looking for an all-inclusive resort that rivals any 5-Star resort in the world, look no further than Mexico’s Grand Velas Riviera Maya. When most people think of an all-inclusive resort they think large (often drunken) crowds, nondescript dinning venues filled with endless buffets serving mediocre food (at…

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nutrition in the news

Nutrition in the News

Here are this week’s top nutrition in the news headlines, to keep you informed! Lack of Vitamin B12 Can Cause Trouble in School Every parent wants the best for their child; they want them to be healthy and happy, they want them to work hard in school, to learn everything that…

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pan fried scallops #caltonnutrition

Pan Fried Scallops

Are you a seafood lover? You’re in luck! Did you know sea scallops are rich in vitamin B12 as well as iodine? Iodine is needed for good thyroid function. (Low iodine levels can cause weight gain and lethargy.)  Here is one of our favorite recipes that includes scallops! Pan fried…

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spring fruits

Eat The Rainbow: Try These 7 Spring Fruits!

Did you know that a fruit or vegetable’s color can tell you a lot about what micronutrients it will deliver? The color of the skin is determined by the specific plant compounds it contains, and those in the same color family will deliver similar nutrients and health benefits. Your job is…

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