Explore the ABCs of Optimal Supplementation Guidelines..

What you will learn in this video:

  • The nasty ingredients that are banned in other countries, but are still lurking in many multivitamins.
  • What over 50% of the multivitamin pills and capsules have in common – and this is NOT good news.
  • What type of multivitamins are the most absorbable and how this affects your health.
  • Why you are peeing out your hard earned money!
  • What you learn may change the way you choose your next supplement.

This video will examine:

  • The two Essential minerals that are likely deficient in your current multivitamin.
  • The importance of vitamin K, and its three unique forms your multi is likely NOT providing.
  • Why taking a multivitamin once a day will leave you open to illness and lifestyle diseases.
  • Why finding folic acid in your multivitamin is NOT a good thing.
  • And, what micronutrient, if absent, could cause calcification of the arteries!

In this video we will reveal:

  • How to eliminate the secret battle going on in your multivitamin that may be causing the benefits of over 80% of the vitamins and minerals to be negated.
  • Why taking a multivitamin with iron or copper may be dangerous to your health.
  • How to boost the absorption of one micronutrient commonly found in most multivitamins by up to 200%.