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Rich Food, Poor Food Holiday Beverage Guide

Just because you are in the holiday spirit, doesn’t mean that the spirits and other beverages you enjoy should be ruining your health.  As you get ready to celebrate Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa & The New Year (as well as any other holiday we might be missing) we...

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Post election stress CaltonNutrition.com

Post Election Stress Apocalypse

Are you still feeling stressed?  Even with the elections being over, most Americans are still feeling stressed.  No matter which candidate you wanted to win, it’s likely that what you’re seeing and hearing on social and traditional media is leaving you with a new...

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One dozen Thanksgiving Day Recipes CaltonNutrition.com

One Dozen Delicious Thanksgiving Recipes

(We know we are a little early for Thanksgiving but we feel a lot of you are likely making the grocery lists and dinner plans and we wanted to offer these delicious recipes.) Finger foods are fun but let’s face it…most of them are no joke.  They are loaded with naked...

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Election day stress caltonnutrition.com

The winner of the election is…

The winner of the election is… STRESS! In fact, the American Psychological Association (APA) reported that 52% of American adults, regardless of whether they were Democrat, Republican or Independent, said that they are experiencing significant stress from this years...

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