Have you ever asked yourself if taking a calcium supplement is safe? We have had this question asked to us so many times that we decided to designate an entire blog to this very important topic. Based on the many emails and phone calls we get on the subject of calcium safety we have a very good grasp on the fears that are circulating about the dangers of taking calcium supplements. The biggest and most widespread fear seems to be rooted in the belief that taking a calcium supplement may increase your chances of developing cardiovascular health risks, specifically through the progression of atherosclerosis. In fact, as you can see from the Health.com article below, as recently as October 19th 2016, medical professionals were cautioning the public against taking calcium supplements citing research that seemed to point to the conclusion that “Calcium supplements may damage the heart.”


However, that all changed on October 25th, 2016, just 6 days later, when (as you can also see below) even Health.com had to issue a story update reversing the previous held belief that calcium supplements were harmful. This was due to new joint clinical guideline issued on calcium from the National Osteoporosis Foundations (NOF) and the American Society for Preventive Cardiology (ASPC) which stated, “As long as total intake of calcium (from food and pills combined) does not exceed the tolerable upper intake level of 2,000 to 2,500 mg/day, calcium supplements should be considered “safe from a cardiovascular standpoint.”


The new guideline, published October 24th 2016 in the Annals of Internal Medicine is game changing for calcium supplementation. It is important to point out that this includes calcium supplements consumed either alone or with vitamin D. And not only did the NOF and ASPC joint expert panel evaluate 31 studies and grade the strength of evidence regarding the effects of calcium and cardiovascular disease, only to find no clinically significant effects on coronary heart disease or mortality; but one study actually found lower cardiovascular and mortality risk in women who took more than 1000 mg supplementary calcium per day compared with those who did not take supplements. Additionally, Stephen L. Kopecky, MD, from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, one of the authors of the new guideline cautions; “Discontinuation of supplemental calcium for safety reasons is not necessary and may be harmful to bone health when intake from food is suboptimal.”

Ironically, not only does a deficiency of calcium cause bone and tooth loss, difficulty with muscle contractions and diminished nerve function but too little calcium also accelerates atherosclerosis by causing excess leaching of calcium from bone into the bloodstream where it calcifies arteries. In validated models of atherosclerosis, calcium-deficient diets increase the rate of tissue calcification by 170% while calcium-supplemented diets reduce calcification by 62%. This is the exactly the opposite of what everyone was so worried about!

Now even with the new guideline giving the green light to calcium supplementation in general, we want to be very clear that there are several steps you can take to improve the likelihood that the calcium supplement you take has the greatest possible chance of improving and protecting your health. We researched calcium extensively when formulating our patented multivitamin – nutreince, because it was such a key player in helping Mira reverse her advanced osteoporosis. During that time we discovered 7 facts that you should know about calcium to ensure the greatest absorption and utilization potential possible.


  1. Make sure you are getting the right form of calcium. Did you know that there are many different forms of calcium? The best and only form of calcium that can be absorbed properly without food (and we don’t want you to take your calcium with food because the different vitamins and minerals in that food can compete with your supplemental calcium for absorption and reduce or eliminate calcium’s beneficial effects) is calcium citrate. This is because calcium citrate brings with it its own acid – calcium citrate is calcium + citric acid – and the stomach needs an acidic environment to properly absorb calcium. Our multivitamin, nutreince, contains the beneficial  form of ionically converted calcium citrate.
  2. The body can only absorb 500 – 600 mg of calcium at one time. This makes taking a calcium supplement with 800, 1000, or ever 1200 mg of calcium per serving a big waste of money and possible dangerous as the body is not sure what to do with excess calcium. nutreince contains 600 mg of calcium in the AM serving. Most multivitamin contain little to none leaving you at risk of osteoporosis, tooth decay and nerve failure,
  3. The body’s ability to absorb calcium is beneficially increased when vitamin D is sufficient.  This is why if you are taking a calcium supplement you should also be taking adequate amounts of vitamin D to ensure sufficiency. nutreince contains 2000 IU of vitamin D3 to ensure optimal calcium absorption and utilization.
  4. In addition to vitamin D, calcium needs vitamin K2 in order to move from the arteries to the bone where it can be used to treat and prevent osteoporosis. Taking calcium without being sufficient in vitamin K2 can still leave you at a much greater risk of developing osteoporosis. nutreince contains both types of vitamin K2 (MK-4 and MK-7) and it is the only multivitamin to do this.
  5. Magnesium matters. Magnesium is a natural calcium channel blocker. Any deficiency in magnesium can induce elevated intracellular calcium concentration and accelerate atherosclerosis. nutreince is one of the only multivitamins on the market to contain a full 400 mg of magnesium in its most absorbable state. But watch out! You don’t want to take a supplement that combines calcium and magnesium in one pill. These two micronutrients are naturally competitive and each will decrease the absorption and/or utilization of the other.
  6. Beware of calcium depleting foods. Above and beyond food containing micronutrients that can compete with your supplemental calcium for absorption, some foods also contain naturally occurring anti-nutrients – such as phytates, oxalates, lectins, phosphoric acid, alcohol, caffeine, tannins, sugar, HFCS, BPA and Phthalates – which all deplete calcium. nutreince can be taken away from foods that contain these anti-nutrients, and can help to replace any calcium lost from ingesting these anti-nutrients.
  7. Timing matters. Although we love and recommend exercise, it is also a micronutrient depleter and that includes calcium. Research shows that taking your calcium supplement 30 minutes prior to a workout can offset some of the calcium depleting caused by exercise. nutreince is a delicious multivitamin drink that can be taken 30 minutes prior to exercise on an empty stomach.


The bottom line is that calcium is an essential micronutrient and must be sufficient if you are going to achieve optimal health and a deficiency in calcium may actually cause the atherosclerosis that the media was blaming on its supplementation. According to a new guideline issued by the National Osteoporosis Foundations (NOF) and the American Society for Preventive Cardiology (ASPC) calcium has also been shown to be safe to take as a supplement in quantities less than 2000 – 2500 mg per day. However, not all calcium supplements are equal. Make sure you find one that contains the best form (calcium citrate), the correct quantity (500 – 600 mg) and contains the necessary synergists (vitamin D, magnesium, and vitamin K2) to ensure you are getting the most out of your calcium supplement.

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