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Most multivitamin companies don’t want you to know the information in this third and final video! We will introduce you to the biggest discovery to supplemental science, and show you how it will forever change the way everyone should take a multivitamin.

In this video we will reveal:

  • How to eliminate the secret battle going on in your multivitamin that may be causing the benefits of over 80% of the vitamins and minerals to be negated.
  • Why taking a multivitamin with iron or copper may be dangerous to your health.
  • How to boost the absorption of one micronutrient commonly found in most multivitamins by up to 200%.

I am healthy and fit 47 y/o without any physical complaints. I eat a balanced whole foods diet. 4 weeks ago I replaced my vitamin regimen with Nutreince. (Saw you on Fox and read the book) I had a little trouble with flavor at first. But within a few days I noticed a significant increase in energy and it has lasted. I felt fine, but now I feel great! Amazing what happens when you absorb your vitamins!” – Lisa


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